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At Central, we believe in the power of prayer! If you would like our Pastors and prayer team to pray for you or a situation, follow the link and fill out our Prayer Request form. Our teams will be notified and will begin to pray! 

Prayer Rooms

Do you struggle with deep emotional wounds, trauma, fear, spiritual darkness, unhealthy relationships, addictions, sickness, or disease?

Total Freedom is based on the principles of the Bible and depends the gifts of Holy Spirit to help understand the roots of our problems, to forgive those who have wounded us, and to repent and receive forgiveness for sin that may be hindering us.Let us help you, with the leading of Holy Spirit, to be set free from ungodly and unhealthy thoughts, behaviors, and expectations.


Mallory Granitz, Greensboro, Ga January, 2024

My story started decades ago, broken home situation set in motion a lifetime of brokenness. Fast forward 45 years, God brought my wife and me to central church and this was the beginning of life change for both of us. I had attended church all my life and thought I knew most of what I needed to know, but I was mistaken. Being exposed to the teachings and also new friends that encouraged me to seek God’s truth about who I am totally began to change my life. I was encouraged to attend a prayer room and although this was a new concept to me I was willing to receive what God had for me. I was excited to attend and was expecting great things. My experience was very favorable, nothing we covered was in any way offensive or intrusive. But I was in a place that I didn’t really care, I was ready for healing. If I’m honest I would have to say that I didn’t receive instant deliverance like I wanted but I have since realized that my deliverance is happening by being obedient and intentionally seeking God. I was also given information on how to address the issues I have been facing for years. I would strongly recommend anyone attending a prayer room with Central Church. I am so thankful for the inner healing ministry at Central.

Marsha Smith, Oxford, Ga October, 2023

I am forever thankful for this ministry that changed my life! It was an experience that exposed and revealed deep things hidden that had to be rooted out and dealt with so that I can move forward in my calling and walk with The Lord in a healthier way! Holy Spirit did what only He can do and the ladies that ministered to me were surely handpicked to be such loving, kind, willing & obedient vessels unto the Lord! 10/10 recommend!!  ALL Glory & Honor & Praise to our Most High God!!